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Jun 19

Selling Amazon Products

Learn how to Increase your Amazon Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Marketing –

Three simple ways that could improve your Amazon Commission.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money on the Internet. In fact, did you know that when I first started out on the Internet, I was told I could make a fortune from my website? All I had to do was to join the Amazon Affiliate program and sell Amazon products on my website.


Pardon? You where told that too? Well okay, not everybody would have been told that, and for those that had, might not have fallen for it. But it does surprise me that people are still being told the same old stories as I was told back in 2011. But then I guess so long as there are people out there that are willing to part with their money, there will always be people willing to accept it.

Now, before those of you that do earn money from the Amazon Affiliate Program start jumping up and down saying, “but it is possible,” I know it is, it’s just not as easy as some people make it out to be.

And that brings me to the whole point behind this post. If you want to Advertise Amazon products on your website, learn how to earn money from the Amazon Affiliate Program, or want to learn where you could be going wrong, then read on and discover some useful links that could boost your affiliate commissions through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

You’ll Learn…

  1. How to choose the right products to sell on Amazon.
  2. How you could increase your Amazon Sales.
  3. The most effective way of advertising your Amazon products
  4. Useful Resources
  5. Acknowledgements – Further reading (useful posts)
  6. Conclusion 

How are you choosing your Products?

Most of us (yep, me included) would write a post, include a few products and add an Amazon Affiliate link in the hope that it would get clicked on. How many of you will be honest enough to admit that that’s as far as your Amazon Affiliate promotion goes?

Whilst text links are the most successful, this is a classic mistake we all make. Sure, they work, they’ve worked for me in the past, but I’ve never actually researched popular items. I’ve never even written posts or reviews around selected products either. In fact, all I’ve ever done is added links to appropriate items that are mentioned within the post.

Here are a few ideas that could contribute to some kind of income from the Amazon Affiliate Program.

How are you promoting your products?

Are you selling popular products on your website or are you just taking a stab in the dark about what to promote?

Writing your post around a product (review etc), or choosing a popular product around your post can have a huge impact on your all important CTR (click through rate), and here’s why…

  • Product Reviews – It goes without saying that if somebody has landed on your page that has a product review on it, it’s because they want it or need it. Either way, they’re looking for it. Therefore, the chances of then clicking on your affiliate link is higher.
  • Blog Posts – If your niche is cooking and you happen to add an Affiliate link within your post to a product you’re using, your CTR is going to be so much lower. After all, people have landed on your page because they want to read the recipe you’ve written and not to discover what whisk you’re using.

Now, with that said, don’t dis-spare, there’s no reason why you can’t add an Amazon link to your cookery blog. Instead of adding a link to the whisk, add it to the food mixer or hand blender that people might be looking at purchasing or updating/replacing. You could also highlight certain products with ‘must have’ labels.

For example, whilst most people will have a whisk, not everybody will have the baking beans they’re going to need to cook your lovely recipe. Or, if you’re cooking with kids, suggest to your readers that it’s safer for kids to use a fun pod rather than to stand on a chair.

And remember, most people that click on Amazon Affiliate links do not buy the product you’re promoting, more often than not, they actually click through to other products and buy them instead.

How do you know what products are popular on Amazon?

There are several ways of doing this…

  1. Navigate to Amazon and type “top ten best selling products” into the search bar. Amazon will then provide you with the option of searching various departments or it will give you the result you’re asking for. The choice is yours.
  2. Alternatively, you could log into your Absence Account and type a product into the Keyword Planner Tool. This won’t provide you with the best results on Amazon but it will however provide you with an idea of the search volumes for the most popular products people are searching for on the Internet as a whole.
  3. If you have the budget, you might want to use tools like MarchantWords. Try typing the word Lego” into the search bar and you’ll see the top selling products related to that keyword.

How much commission are you getting?

Okay, so now you’re choosing the right products and people have started clicking on your affiliate links, you’ve now discovered that your commission isn’t actually much. In fact, at this point, you’re probably thinking ‘is it really worth it?’

But, before you give up entirely, have you checked your commission levels? Remember, work smarter, not harder!

How much commission do you earn through the Amazon Affiliate Program? Well, you might want to take a read of this…

For more information on this subject, please go directly to the Amazon post itself [More Details…].

Remember: A higher commission rate doesn’t mean higher profits!

Did you know…
There are a whole lot of things to consider when trying to achieve a healthy bottom line. And as most of you will know, your profit percentage is just one of them. But, it has to co-inside with your sales.

Let me explain…
If I was to offer you two products to sell on a commission, one at 50% (£10 SP) while the other was 10% (£1 SP), what one would you be interested in?

But if I was then to tell you that net annual sales of product A were about £500 whilst product B produced a net income of £10,000, would you change your mind?

Are you maximising your sales?

Even if you’ve taken the time to research your products, did you know you could still be losing out on sales even though potential customers have clicked on your links?

Why? Because they don’t live in the country your links are associated with.

Here’s what I mean…

As you start promoting your content, it wont be long before you start getting traffic onto your website from all four corners of the globe.

But if you’ve added Amazon links to your post or pages, the chances are you’ve added links that are associated to the country that you live in. If you live in the States, that’s not a bad thing as Amazon is in the top three most visited websites in America. But, even this can be improved upon.

You see, if you have a UK based blog, and you advertise amazon products on your website, so long as the visitor that clicks the links is from the UK, you’ll receive a commission for the products you’re promoting. This is providing you’ve opened a UK Amazon account.

However, if a visitor from the USA clicks on your UK link, they will be redirected to the Amazon USA site, and you’ll lose your commission. It sucks but that’s how it is.

But, don’t despair, there are ways around this. By using plugins such as and EasyAzon, you’ll never miss out on sales again.

Here’s how they work…

Once you’ve added your Amazon Affiliate links to your website, one of two things happen. First of all, as I’ve already explained, the customer gets redirected to their local Amazon site. Secondly, you’ve got to sit back and hope they buy something within 24 hours, because after this time, your affiliate link is no longer valid.


Now, imagine if you can get around this. It would make your efforts all the more worthy, right? Well, that’s exactly what these two plugins do, creating more sales form your Amazon links.

Amazon Affiliate Programme

Of course, these plugins are not free, but with easyazon4 only charging a one off price, it seems logical to start with them, moving onto geniuslink at a later date, should you decide affiliate marketing is for you.

As you’ll discover, each tool provides their own benefits, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide what one you feel is best for your business. Don’t forget to leave your comment below and let us know how you get on.

Tip – Amazon affiliate example site.

If you decide to buy into a training course about “How to earn money from Internet Marketing“, ask if it covers traffic. As you can see from the figures above, it’s important.

When you discover you’re not making money, the chances are, you’re not getting the traffic to your site. You could then be offered another “unmissable” course about “How to get traffic to your site.” And so it continues until you either give up or run out of funds!

As a guide, the image above is taken from income report for April 2016. Their income from the Amazon Affiliate Program was $3,070.53 from 3,062,720 visitors for the month. That’s why it’s important to have a strategy in place so you know where your traffic is going to come from. 

How are you advertising your product links?

Once you’ve joined the Amazon Affiliate Program, you’ll discover a whole host of tools within their website. However, sometimes it’s the simplest methods that produce the most sales, for example…

Amazon Affiliate Programe

AdsAmazon will provide you with plenty of ways to create your own ads. However, as neat as they are, CTR’s (click through rates) are just not as high as text links.

Amazon Affiliate Programe

Text Links – Despite all the tools that are provided to create nice looking ads, text links have proven to be the most successful way of encouraging readers to click on affiliated links. And providing you use the correct keywords, its great for SEO reasons too.

Amazon Affiliate Programe

Sniper & Authority Sites – Sniper sites are small websites, used for a few different reasons. They can be for either capturing then re-directing visitors to authority sites, or they’re used for promoting a single product. This single product can either be from Amazon or other popular affiliate programs such as ClickBank.

Authority Sites – Authority sites on the other hand are where serious Amazon Affiliates will advertise their products, putting tools like easyazon4 and geniuslink into action.


If you’ve been inspired or you think Affiliate Marketing could be you, here are just a few of the things you’re going to need to get you started…


Blue Host – Web hosting & Domain Name
Woothemes – Buy your WordPress eCommerce websites
Flippa – Buy a website business that’s already been built
EasyAzon – WordPress Plugin to help you with your Amazon Sales


YouTube – How to make an Amazon Affiliate website (or eCommerce site)
Warrior Forum – Seek advice from the people in the know
Books – Books are always a great resource for beginners 

Real results – Examples of successful Affiliate websites

Remember, Amazon might run the most successful affiliate program online, but it isn’t the only company that can offer you an affiliate program. Listed below are just a few of the many successful affiliated websites that can be found online today. Whilst you’ll discover their part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, they’re not reliant on just the one program.

Oh, and don’t forget, they’ve spent years building their sites up to what they are today. Don’t think you can build this kind of business up over night, because you’ll only be disappointed. – There are some great gadgets on this site and whilst some of them are available on Amazon, others have been added from other suppliers. Note:Take a look at the purchase prices. – This great food blog not only shares recipes, but it also shares tips to other food bloggers. That way, it’s not only providing recipes, but they are also earning an income from recommended products. Note: Look at the outgoings as well as the income. You have to invest! – Take a look at the top right corner of this site and you’ll discover that it is possible to earn a six figure income from Internet Marketing. However, the 87% of people that earn nothing from their site will be asking themselves “How?” Why not take a look at Pat’s site to discover more? – Darren Rowse is a well respected blogger. In fact, he’s consider to be the first professional blogger to make a full time income from blogging on the Internet. This post shows you how he turned his Amazon Affiliate account around to make him a sum of money not to be sniffed at. 

Acknowledgements – Further Reading

There are thousands of articles online with regards to working with the Amazon Affiliate Program. However, during my research, these are the articles I found and I thought it was only right to acknowledge their work. – Examples of Amazon Affiliate Websites: Study of 10 Live Websites – 5 Real Life Examples Of Successful Affiliate Website: In Depth Analysis – Amazon Discount Finder. Find hidden 75%-off deals & more. – Get In the Zone: Amazon Product Ad Assist – Amazon Associates Review for Publishers – You’re Missing Out On Amazon Commissions – 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools and Plugins for WordPress –  7 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by 206% 


I think it’s safe to say, you can make money from the Amazon Affiliate Program, but so long as you understand a, you can’t do it overnight and b, for most marketers, it’s another revenue source and not a main stream of income.

Have fun achieving and don’t give up.

Did I miss anything out? Who are your main influences, what tools do you use and what posts have given you the most valuable information?

Please leave your comments below, thanks.

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