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Aug 05


Beautiful Collages in Three Easy Steps


Sophia from PearlMoutain recently got in touch with me and suggested that I came and had a look at their website, and unlike some I have recently discovered, I’m glad I did, for this website is a little gem with a lot of potential.


If you’re like me and struggle with creating your own images for social media posts and profile pages, then FotoJet is the place to visit. Not only will you be happy with its simplicity but the quality of the templates on offer are very creative too. 

How it works...

Step 1 - Choose your category.

On the left is a screenshot of what you’ll expect when you press the ‘Get Started’ button on the home page. It will take you straight through to the ‘create collage’ page.

As you can see, there are three categories, Collage, Social Media and Photo Card. And within each category are sub-categories.

Collage offers six sub-categories including Modern (40), Classic (41), Art (27), Holiday (21), 3D (21) and creative (22).

Social Media offers two sub-categories, both of which are FaceBook related, FaceBook Cover (36) and FaceBook Post (42)

Photo Card is by far the biggest, with no less than eight sub-categories offering as many as 79 templates in total.

And, if that’s not enough, there is an option in the top left to choose even more. If you are on all, simply select the ‘new’ or ‘popular’ button for more choices.

Step 2 - Choose your category.


To select your category, simply hover over it, wait for the text to turn blue and then click on your template selection. As you can see from the image above once you’ve made your selection, you can then browse the templates, double clicking on the one you require.

When you hover over each template, it will inform you of how many pictures the template requires.

Step 3 - Add Your Photos and Text

Now that you’ve selected your template, it’s time to customise it by adding your own photos and text.

When you click on the orange, ‘Add Photo’ button, you’ll be presented with the option of downloading your pictures from either your computer or Face Book page. Simply download the required number of pictures and add your photos by either dragging them to their desired spot or keep clicking on the auto button until you have the final look.

Adding your own text is simple too. Just click on the box and over type the content with your own.

You can change the shading of the photo and the size and colour of the text by editing it with the tools that pop up on the right-hand side.

Now that you’ve finished, save your work by clicking on the middle icon in the box directly above the template.

And that’s it, I told you it was simple. Why not check out my new Face Book header (oh, and if you can like the page whilst you’re there, I’d be so grateful)?


I have used many of these programs in the past and this is by far, one of the easiest to use, however, I do feel there some issues that should be taken into consideration, such as…

  • With other programs similar to this, once you’ve downloaded your pictures, they are saved. I have used FotoJet a few time now and each time I’ve returned, I have had to reload my photos.
  • The text areas are very limited. I have found that I am unable to write what I want. Instead, I have to write what fits.
  • On the Facebook covers templates, other programs display the text and profile photo areas, ensuring that they are clearly displayed. I’ve had to be careful with my selection, limiting myself to just a few of the many templates that are on offer.

Now, with this said, FotoJet is new and I dare say that given time, the developers will listen to its customer feedback and make the improvements that are demanded by its users.

There is a lot of potential with FotoJet and it has already been archived in my list of 101 Useful Websites to share with other marketers.

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