The Newbies Guide to Useful Resources -Launching Your First WordPress Site

You're almost ready to launch your first WordPress site. Are you excited? Let's get on with it then...

Choose Your Hosting Package:

When it comes to hosting, there are loads of companies out there that offer a great service. I personally have a UK2 hosting account, however, WordPress recommend Blue Host and therefor, so am I. 

If you navigate over to Blue Host, you'll also ​discover that when you take out their WordPress hosting package, you'll receive a free domain name too. Just make sure you read the small print as there are Terms & Conditions attached. 

Choosing Your Domain:

​With seventy domains being registered and five hundred and seventy one new websites being created online every minute, when selecting your domain name, you may discover it's already gone. This is why it's advised to have a few ideas before you start your search. 

Once you have purchased your hosting package and domain ​name, you're ready to launch your website. All you have to do is follow the onscreen instructions and use the tutorial videos below to help get you started. 

What's Next?

In Free Lesson #4 I'll be introducing you to email marketing and why it's essential to making money online. If you haven't completed the previous modules, you will not be able to proceed beyond this point. 

Not implementing an email marketing ​strategy is the biggest, single reason why 87% of people fail to make money online. Don't be another statistic. 

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Overview & Instalation


Creating Pages


Categories & Tags


Customizing Themes


Creating & Managing Users


Login & Admin Area


Creating Blog Posts


Using Plugins


Menus & Widgets


Marketing Your Website