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Jan 28

Google Tips & Tricks

Discover How to Perform Google Tricks & Tips

How many hours have you wasted searching for something on Google? Well, do you know that there are quicker ways of finding the information you need? Read on to discover how to perform some time saving Google Tips and Tricks. 


In my early years on the Internet, I had often asked myself “how do people find these websites?”. And as you may well know, most of it is experience: experience in networking, forum chat, commenting, and of course, searching.

By that I don’t just mean typing a few words into the search bar. No, I mean like actually adding taglines into the search bar. Not sure what I mean, or want to discover how to get the best results form a Google Search Bar? Then read on and discover some great Google Tips and Tricks…

The Basics

Best Solo Ads

What you’re about to read are the basics in searching when it comes to using Google tips and tricks. And when I say basics, I mean basics. If you’re new to marketing and the whole “search more effectively” thing, then it’s a great place to start.

If you’re experienced enough to want to skip this section, then please go to the next section. Now, where were we? Ah yes, the basics.

Let’s start with taking a look at the image above. As you can see, I’ve typed in the phrase “best solo ads” in a way that every Tom, Dick or Harry would do so.

You’ll already know that as you type, Google will provide you with a few suggestions underneath the search bar. Or so I thought!

​I hate to admit it, but it took me a while before I discovered that these weren’t suggestions at all. Instead, they are actually the most typed keywords related to your search. Great to know when doing keyword research.

Before we move on, may I ask that you take a mental note of the number of search results –2,050,000. Because by using our first Google Tips and Tricks, I'm going to reduce those search results by 92%, whilst providing you with a better outcome.

Google Tips and Tricks - Best Solo Ads

Before we move on, may I ask that you take a mental note of the number of search results –2,050,000. Because by using our first Google Tips and Tricks, I'm going to reduce those search results by 92%, whilst providing you with a better outcome.

The only thing different between this image and the one above are the speech marks around your keywords. However, if you look at the search results, you’ll discover that this has reduced dramatically. Why? Well, let me explain…

Without the speech marks around your keywords, Google will conduct a more broader search of the phrase you have entered into the search bar. As soon as you put “speech marks” around your key words, Google will limit its search to just those specific words.

If you take a look at the image below, you’ll see what I mean.

Google Tips and Tricks

Compare that with keywords that have no “speech marks” and you’ll discover Google will search your keyword term on a much broader scale.

Google Tips and Tricks - Best Solo Ads

You will also get different results by replacing " Your Keywords " with either (), {} or [ ]. I would however just stick with “ ” as these will provide you with better results relevant to your search.

Free Cheat Sheet!

Google Tips and Tricks - How to get on page on of Google

Do you want to learn how you can get a link on page one of Google using the keywords “best solo ads” (and others)? 

Now that you’ve learnt some basic Google Tips and Tricks, let’s discover what Google can really do for you.

Promoting Your Content

When it comes to Internet Marketing, knowing how to get the most out of your search bar can often make or break the popularity of an article you’ve spent hours writing or researching. What do I mean, I hear you ask? Well, let me explain…

We have all at some point in our career (or still do) been guilty of writing articles, posting them to our blogs and sitting back with a coffee, whilst we wait for the SEO Angels to do their jobs. And of course, the more experienced Internet Marketers will know, this tactic takes a lot more work than most are willing to let on.

So the next best thing is to Promote, Promote, Promote! If fact Kim Roach goes as far as saying that for every hour you spend writing your article, you need to spend four hours promoting it. And in my opinion, that’s the absolute minimum required.

But how does having the knowledge to use a search bar help with content promotion? Well, finding the right audience is important for starters and a good place to start is weekly blog round-ups.

You can find these by entering "link roundup" + your industry into the search bar like so...

How to promote your content

...and as you can see, you're presented with a list of websites. Not only do they perform weekly roundups, but more importantly, they're roundups from your niche. Now just shoot them an email and ask the admin if they would include your website/article in a future roundup. 

Other tried and tested Google tips and tricks include...


Google Tips and Tricks


Google Tips and Tricks


Google Tips and Tricks


Google Tips and Tricks


Google Tips and Tricks

Whilst I've tried and tested all these methods, the results can be a bit hit and miss.To refine your results further, use the "tools" button in the top right, then go across to "any time" and use the drop down menu to select your preferred time scale.

This will ensure that you don't waste time sending emails to websites that no longer feature link roundups or indeed, those that are no longer running. Please see the video below for a quick how to guide.

Search Tips For Marketers

Sometimes searching for a particular topic, artist, writer etc can produce millions of results, especially if the subject you are researching is popular. You can reduce these results dramatically by using the following methods, leaving you with more specific websites, articles or blog posts.

Use a Hyphen - As we all know, there are words that have many different meanings but are spelt the same way. In order to reduce your search results to be more spasific, try adding a hyphen. For example...

Galaxy -Chocolate

Galaxy -Milky Way

Galaxy -Tablet

Galaxy -Phone

When you come across a keyword like Galaxy, this method is perhaps not the best way to search for your results. Because as you can see, using the keyword "Galaxy" is going to produce quite a few more pages than you'll require. So, it's time to show you another method that will produce more accurate results when searching for a particular topic or product.

Adding intitle: to your search –

Google Tips and Tricks

As you can see, I've actually combined two search methods in this search. By adding the speech marks, I've narrowed down my search results to just 17. When I type in the tagline without speech marks, I get this...

Google Tips and Tricks

This is also great if you've read a blog post and you can’t remember what website you read it on. Simply type “intitle:” before your tagline and the search will return suggestions with that tagline within the title of the meta tag. 

Of course, you're going to have to remember the title of the post for this to work, and if you can do that, then there is a very good chance you've remembered the website too! ​

Search for Files
This is my favourite and perhaps most used search tool I use on Google. When used with other taglines, filetype:pdf can bring you some valuable information. For example, used with a website URL in front of it, Google will return all the PDF’s within the website you’ve searched. If you want to know what PDF the British Library offers its users, type in the following filetype:PDF and see what it returns.

Google tips and tricks

Find Related Content -
This is great for those of you that use large sites or popular forums. For example, if you want to search for a topic or author on a forum such as you can restrict your results to what you're looking for by entering the following tagline...

Kim Roach

This will bring up profile pages and posts that mention the name or subject of the keyword you have entered in the first part of the tagline. This also works for shopping sites too, like this...


Find a missing word –
You know how annoying it is when you’re trying to remember the title of a book and you just can’t quite remember the full title? Well, so do Google! And that’s why this next trick is sometimes referred to as the “wildcard”. By adding an astrics (*) in place of a word, Google will find and match a title that is listed in their archives. For example, …

Google Tips and Tricks

Tips For Researchng

Compare products –
If you can’t quite make up your mind about something and want to discover the difference between two items, try typing vs between the two products you’re undecided about. For example, Sony Experia vs Samsung Galaxy S7 and look at what comes up. 

Google Tips and Tricks

This also works for food too.

Google Tips and Tricks

Define a certain word or phrase 
This a handy little tip if you’re out and about and want to find the meaning of a word or acronym that somebody has just used in text. In your search bar, use the tagline define:yourkeyword and it will return a definition for the word you’ve entered.

what does SMH mean

Do two searches at once
I’m yet to discover a purpose for this next trick but if you enter the word “or” between two key words, Google will return results for both. If you find this useful, write in the comments box below and explain why… please?

Translate from one language to another
This next tip is great for anybody that needs to translate one language to another. Simply type “translate English to French” (Obviously use your chosen languages) and click enter. This will then present you with a book to enter your text into. Type or paste your text into the box and press translate.

Free google translation tool

This is great for small conversations or when you need to translate certain words. However, if you need a bit more, try the google translate site. A local link should appear underneath as it has done in the image above.

Discover the Origin of a Word
Type your “keyword” followed by the word etymology and you’ll discover the origin of the word. More interesting than useful.

I done this with my surname and discovered it is of a Dutch and German origin. I love this research lark! You learn so much.

Google Tips and Tricks just because...

Currency Converter
This is a great way of finding out the latest currency rates if you’ve just been booked for a last-minute business trip abroad. Or if you’re buying something online that deals in currency that’s different from yours.

Weather check
Speaking of holidays and business trips, if you want to know whether you need to pack shorts or trousers, type in weather, followed by the city and country you’re going to and Google will tell you what the weather is in that city. 

Let Google work out your sum
This little tip is great for work nights out and you want to split the bill evenly between you. So, say there are six of you and your bill is £176.25. Simply type 12.75% of £176.25 and it will return the answer. I realise 12.75% isn’t an exact split between six people, but you get the picture. Now, if you’re with somebody that insists on pay their own way, just type “calculator” in the search bar instead and they can add up what they’ve had!

Find work by your favourite artist –
This is simple but effective. If you’re looking for work by your favorite artist, whether it’s an author, band or artist, this will work for all occasions. Simply type what you are looking for i.e. song by – book by – work by etc, followed by the name of the artist, like so…

Songs by 1927

Google Tips and Tricks

Sunrise or sunset
Find out what time sunset or sunrise is in your area. Great if you’ve decided to go for a walk at the end of the day or want to go surfing after work and want to know how long you’ll have. Type in sunset (or sunrise) followed by your town / city.

Timer or stopwatch -
If you need to set a set yourself a timer or stopwatch, just put either word into your search bar and Google will provide you with your request. Handy if you want to set yourself a target to get your work completed.

free online timer

It took me fourteen minutes to read this post.

Flight information
If you’re being picked up at the airport by somebody, get them to enter flight:”followed by your flight details” and Google will return all you need to know about your flight schedule.

Get Creative

Now that you’ve discovered a few ways of improving your search results, why not get creative? Try adding some tag lines together with others and conduct your own customise search on Google? Here’s what I mean. Site:blogs intitle:"Chocolate Recipes"

Chocolate Recipes

As you can see, the result came back as reading "No results found for..." However, if you enter the same text without the quote, the keywords are all over the place meaning you wont get the same accurate results. Try it...

Chocolate Recipes


As with all these things when you know what to do and how to do it, your job suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. This list is by no means the only list on the Internet, and in fact, if you want even more Google tips and tricks, I’ve added a few links below for further reading.

If you have a favorite trick of your own, please leave it in the comments box below and you never know, it could find its way onto an updated version of this post.


Whilst doing research for this post, I came across a lot of search tips that no longer worked. At the time of publishing this post, all Google tips and tricks where tried and tested. If you find they no longer work, please let me know and I will remove them.

Thank you.

As with all these things when you know what to do and how to do it, your job suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. This list is by no means the only list on the Internet, and in fact, if you want even more Google tips and tricks, I’ve added a few links below for further reading.

Do you want more tips, tricks and useful information? Then sign up and start by learning how you can get a link on page one of Google.  

Google Tips and Tricks

Written by Martin @ 101

28th January 2017 

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